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Harrington Happy Homes Plan

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Protect The Comfort of Your Home With Our Happy Home Plan For St. Petersburg, Clearwater, & Surrounding Areas

There is a lot of complicated equipment that has to work together to provide comfort to your home - and if it's not taken care of, you'll find your comfort is a very fragile thing. Regular maintenance is vital to ensuring your home's air conditioning system stays in top shape to battle back the Florida heat, so that's why the experts at Harrington AC offer our Happy Home Plan. This subscription plan not only guarantees annual tune-ups for your system but unlocks a host of other benefits that give you all the tools you need to guarantee your comfort.

*** Conditions may apply based on weather and other certain terms. ***

Harrington Air Conditioning
Happy Home Plan (HHP)
$451.55 Annual Plan Savings

$50 per Year
Purchase Credit Toward New System

2 Annual Visits

10% Repair Discount

1 Year Repair Part Labor Warranty

$75 Regular Hours Diagnostic Fee

$75 After Hours Diagnostic Fee

Priority Status: Within 48 hours

Clean Drain Line

Full Safety & System Inspection

Drain Tabs

Ways You Benefit from Regular Maintenance

You'll get a lot of perks with our Happy Home Plan, but the benefits don't stop there. Taking care of your equipment on a steady basis opens a lot of other advantages that make your life better, cheaper, and more comfortable. Annual tune-ups provide:
  • More Efficient Operation: The more efficiently your air conditioner runs, the longer your unit will last and the more money you'll save on energy costs.
  • Fewer Major Service Calls: When we check your system, we can take care of any minor issues that might be developing before they turn into expensive repairs.
  • Lower Life Cycle Costs: By regularly caring for your equipment, you'll incur fewer operating and maintenance costs and suffer fewer service disruptions.
  • A Record of Service: Many manufacturer's warranties require proof that you've had your equipment serviced regularly to get full benefit if you make a claim.
  • Better Lifespans: If you're looking to avoid having to get a new air conditioner for as long as possible, taking care of the one you have is by far the best way.
Plus, by working with Harrington AC, you get:
  • Specialized Testing: We use the most technologically advanced equipment to test and maintain your air conditioning system.
  • Quality Technicians: Our technicians continually train on all the latest techniques and technology to ensure they are on the cutting edge, so they provide you with the finest service.
We recommend signing up for our Happy Homes Plan to guarantee two regularly scheduled annual air conditioning maintenance appointments. But if you're not interested in that kind of commitment, you still need to get your system checked out at least once in a while. It's the best way to avoid costly repairs or, worse yet, putting yourself in a position where your entire unit has to be replaced before you've gotten your money's worth.

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